The Checkerboard Guy



With a comic twist built into such stunts as the six-foot Unicycle of Death, the Tight Rope of Death, and the Flaming Leap of Death, is it any surprise that The Checkerboard Guy (a member of the Tesseract Troupe since it’s inception) is known around the globe as a Comic Daredevil!

Over three decades of manipulating everything from flaming torches, thirteenth century battle axes, and even stinky shoes—often while balancing on top of unicycles, tight ropes or unsupported aluminum ladders (and we’re not talking step ladders here)—mean that an incredibly high level of skill is second nature.

Quite simply stated, The Checkerboard Guy has his act down cold! Were this a show strictly of tricks, it could end up being dry and boring, but that’s not the case with this physical comedian. The tricks that this guy presents are only the means to an end—comedy! The key to the success of this entertainer is the relationship he develops with his audience and the unscripted surprises that happen along the way.

The Checkerboard Guy—armed with his razor-sharp wit, brilliant comic timing, and keen fashion sense—will have you busting a gut every time, and leave you wanting more! This may explain why some people come back to see his show again and again and again!

It’s no wonder that this one-man entertainment extravaganza has been a hit Internationally for years, performing his award-winning show in just about every venue imaginable. If you’re lucky, he might even sculpt a muscle man out of a balloon for you!