The Bigger Balloon Guy



The Bigger Balloon Guy ~ James Johnson

James Johnson is unequaled as an inspiring, creative, and hilarious entertainer. James has been captivating audiences since 1999 when he realized that he had an amazing talent to entertain and make people laugh. Through the years James has developed unique shows featuring visual comedy that exhilarate all ages, from the young to the young at heart.

James is passionate about his work and is inspired to be the best when he sees his audience roaring with laughter. His character is creatively funny, unique, and you are mesmerized by his charm and vibrant personality. When you get a chance to witness his incredible stage shows you will be somewhat anxious when he performs since he enjoys pushing the limits to be different while offering safe and wild entertainment.

James awaits the pleasure of entertaining at a stage near you so you too can experience the thrill of this unique show and extodinary talents. Audiences never know what is coming next in this whirlwind show.

You can see James dazzle audieces while performing his unique world record breaking giant latex bubble show (also known as a giant balloon), mesmerizing people with his interactive magic tricks, juggling dangerous objects such as knives and torches, riding a death-defying five foot unicycle and Canada’s smallest bike, and escaping a straightjacket, among other mind blowing escapes, and even stilt walking.

James Johnson has spent many years enjoying what he does best—making people laugh. James is a five-star entertainer with the experience you seek when you want good times had by all. Shows come to an end, but impact lasts forever, so when you’re ready to experience some serious thrills in a funny way, James Johnson has the latex!