Sarah Twister



Sara Schmidt, known professionally as “Sara Twister,” is a globally recognized multi-skill circus artist whose journey has been as diverse and dynamic as her performances. Born in India and nurtured across four continents, Sara’s eclectic upbringing laid the foundation for her unique artistry. She embarked on her career performing in high-end galas, corporate events, variety shows, and dinner theaters. Her acts, both solo and within large-scale productions, have captivated audiences worldwide with their world-class quality.


Sara’s expertise in contortion was honed at the prestigious Escola Nacional de Circo in Rio de Janeiro and further refined under the mentorship of world-renowned contortionists at the IVA International Variety Academy in Berlin, Germany. However, it was her dedication to street performing that truly shaped her as an entertainer. On the streets, Sara learned to engage and mesmerize large audiences under the most genuine conditions. It was here that she dedicated herself to mastering what she calls the “impossible thing” – a unique fusion of acrobatics and archery.


In the summer of 2015, Sara expanded her repertoire by creating “Ready.Aim.Fire,” a solo show that combines her diverse skills in a breathtaking display of archery like no other. This show, a culmination of her training and experience, has been a significant step in Sara’s mission to mesmerize audiences globally. Sara Twister isn’t just an artist; she’s a phenomenon, twisting her way through festivals and stages worldwide, leaving a trail of awe and inspiration.