Mighty Mike Johns



One of Canada’s most unique Variety Acts, meet Mighty Mike, the world’s funniest strong man exhibition that will entertain the most fickle audiences.

From Switzerland, to Dubai, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Mighty Mike will create an experience for you and your audience like none other. Bending horseshoes and juggling bowling balls and sledge hammers, he will hold the rapt attention of your friends, family and co-workers for a 40-minute show second to none.

Dressed in a comical red and white striped ganjee and red shorts with a handle bar mustache, he looks like someone out of a 1920’s movie taking place along the pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


Originally an insurance broker with a collage degree, Mike has left the financial world to make people laugh with his poetry, comedy and stunts that sound like this:

“I am mightier than most, but some are stronger still,
What’s more important to me is a different kinds of skill.
For lifting pounds of metal isn’t a greater feat,
Than lifting the spirits of people right here on the streets.
So, while judging my performance please know that it depends,
Not on the size of my muscles but on the size of my friends.”