Mariya Margiyeva – International Award Winning Acrobat, Aerialist, Contortionist

Maria Margiyeva – Gymnist, Acrobat, Aerialist, Hula Hoops, Contortions, Dance


Maria Margiyeva


Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Mariya began her career as an athlete performing rhythmic gymnastics in the prestigious team Club Dynamo of Kiev, coached by legendary Vera Dmitrievna Kremer.

Maria was a member of the Junior Soviet Union and Junior Ukrainian national teams. Maria did gymnastics for ten years and always with the same coach Vera Kremer. During this time, she was on the podium of many competitions. At 16 years, Maria joined the Club Rhythmic Gymnastics of Barcelona in Spain and helped the organization win a Bronze medal in the Spanish Championship. At age 17, she was recognized as a Master of Sports by the Ukrainian government.

After finishing her sports career as a gymnast, Maria’s extraordinary talent led her to a career as a performer, acrobat, aerialist, contortionist, hula hoop artist and dancer. Maria performed in many┬átheatres, circuses, dinner shows, casinos, music halls, events, and festivals around the globe. She proudly calls her A World-Class Entertainer. She loves travelling worldwide, showcasing her talent and networking with other┬áskilled professionals in the entertainment industry.

Entertainment is Maria’s love and passion.

Maria is also a successful coach and choreographer of rhythmic gymnastics. Recently, Maria did a year working coaching the SVS Finland Gymnastics Club. Maria worked with students of different ages from 4 to 16 years and choreographed many new routines and programs together with creating the costumes for the students of her club. In addition, Maria loves sewing and creates her outfits for her shows.

Maria is pleased to be back to performing and is excited to share her knowledge and talent with the Tesseract Troupe.

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Maria Margiyeva