David Cassel – Clown / Physical Theater Artist



Meet David Cassel ¬†– Creative Developer on the latest Cirque du Soleil creation “Michael Jackson ONE” which opened in Las Vegas in June 2013.

David is a writer, director and performing artist. Since 1978, he has spent his career traveling the world creating and presenting original theater. Each of David’s performances explores a multitude of elements including comedy, clown, character, story, narrative, acting technique, circus skill, juggling, acro balance technique, acrobatics, choreography, dance, improvisation, based on human interactivity.

In addition to a robust performance career, David has been a teacher of workshops in physical theatre and sport-oriented performance that have been presented through all grade levels of school systems in Canada, Australia, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany and Poland.

While always maintaining a relationship with outdoor performance and spectacle, David has extensive indoor experience as a Graphic Artist, Theatre Designer, Film Maker, Digital Programming Specialist, Educator, Producer and Artistic Leader. He has developed learning processes that integrate on-line digital education with live physical theatre training. David’s work is an example of 21st century¬†Digital and Physical convergence that technology combining hi-tech and live theater.