Comedy in Motion with Bob & Jane Cates

Bob and Jane Cates

Awards and Credits

WINNER: Best Variety Act, Canadian Comedy Awards.
WINNER: Entertainer of the Year, Canadian Event Industry Awards
WINNER: Best Entertainer of the Year, Molson Canadian FEO Awards
WINNER: Gold Medal, Canadian Juggling Championships

Bob Cates Clean Comedy. Astounding Talent
Comedy in Motion

Comedy in Motion with Bob Cates


Bob Cates grew up on a farm in southern, Ontario, Canada. A quiet, unassuming

young man, he had his head in the stars. One day at high school, Bob saw the

most magical sight – someone juggling several balls. He experienced what his

audiences now experience: the oxymoron of juggling. It’s the most magical

looking thing in the world, but it is totally real. It’s within the grasp of most, but

few will take up the challenge to learn it. It was this “air-born” love affair that

would take this small-town farm boy to undreamed-of heights.

Learning to juggle with tennis balls as a teenager, he was a relative late starter to

be considered a real contender for the Canadian Juggling Championships, let

alone a full time professional. But he practiced hard; learning advanced juggling,

unicycling, balancing skills and performance techniques. His passion for the

theatre and the art of juggling continued to develop during his 5 years of post-secondary education, earning a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster

University and a diploma from the Baptist Leadership Education Center.

In 1994 he would quit his job at the bank (not missing the comments about

“juggling the books”) and went on to win the Canadian Juggling Championships.

By this time Bob had also won other People’s Choice and Best Novelty Act

awards, which contributed to his flourishing reputation as a clean, professional,

and an amazing Canadian entertainer.

During the winter of 94/95, Bob had a chance to perform in Eastern Europe,

while doing several months of volunteer work in Lithuania. He has been

performing full time ever since with about 20 weeks a year living and performing

on cruise ships around the world.

He is a professional comic variety entertainer with an amazingly funny show that

is remarkably adaptable to all ages and most venues. He has been characterized

as a juggler, comedian, artist and new vaudevillian. He’s a variety comic with big

talent, and Canadian charm. Bob was fittingly awarded Best Entertainer of the

Year at the 1999 and 2001 Molson Canadian FEO AWARDS.

The Comedy in Motion shows contains advanced juggling, wild unicycling and

balancing skills, giant Chinese Yo-Yos, special theatrical effects (including black

light, laser and strobe), and tasteful volunteer participation. Best of all, the

performance is packed with interactive comedy, appropriate to your audience.

One of Bob Cates’ signature routines is seen VERY rarely today. In his Ed

Sullivan style plate spinning routine, Bob gets up to 21 real plates spinning while

running about like a madman to keep them going. This routine has been a

smashing success with young and old alike and has audiences cheering, and on

the edge of their seats as the tension builds to the exciting finale.

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Experience the Amazingly Funny world of Comedy in Motion with Canada’s favorite juggler, Bob Cates. This memorable interactive comedy show includes advanced juggling, wild unicycling and balancing skills, black light laser effects and an insane 22 “real” plate spinning finale that you will remember for a long, long time. Bob Cates, a Canadian Juggling Champion, physical comedian and new vaudevillian, comes from humble roots as a pig farmer’s son. He was ecstatic to be nominated two years in a row for Best One Man Show at the 2006 and 2007 Canadian Comedy Awards, which presents awards in many categories, including Best, Stand up Comedian, Best Improviser, and Best Television Performance. In 2014, Bob was nominated for Best Variety Act at the Canadian Comedy Awards.

The Comedy in Motion show is much more than a stand-up routine and involves a great deal of physical skill which has taken years to hone. Some skills include advanced juggling, wild unicycling and balancing skills, Dance Dance Revolution while juggling, Chinese Yo-Yo and cigar box manipulation, illusion, slapstick and frantic plate spinning reminiscent of the Ed Sullivan Show. He is one of few performers left in North America performing authentic plate spinning – his signature piece. Overall, the show is fast-paced, highly interactive, and uses situational comedy and advanced skills to keep audience members of all ages on the edge of their seats right to the end.

Bob, a resident of Cambridge, Ontario, was twice awarded “Best Entertainer of the Year” at the Molson Canadian F.E.O. Awards in 1999 & 2001. He has also been nominated for Best Entertainer of the Year at 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010 Canadian Event Industry Awards and won the Most Difficult Trick Award at the RIT New York Juggling Festival. In addition, he has been a special guest performer at the Israeli Juggling Convention and several National Youth Conventions in the United States. When he is not performing as a headliner on luxury cruise ships for Celebrity, Disney or Royal Caribbean cruise lines, he often performs at corporate, association, banquet and gala special events.