Al Simmons

Quotes From the Press

“A masterpiece!”

-Los Angeles Times


“A masterpiece!”

-Los Angeles Times


“For those in search of the truly zany, the undisputed king is Al Simmons.”

-Macleans Magazine


“A lightning bolt of lunacy!”

Toronto Star


“You’ll be consumed with laughter.”



“A tour-de-force of ingenious, charming silliness.”

Globe and Mail


“The best family entertainment ever to hit the Stampede.”

Calgary Sun


“The prince of peculiar props.”

Edmonton Journal


“A perfect hour of rollicking, good old fashioned fun.”  

Vancouver Review


“The Thomas Edison of entertainers.”

~Pat Boone, singer and actor


“Sensationally goofy.”

~The Ottawa Citizen

“He’s one of Canada’s – no the World’s – most inventive performers.”

~Today’s Parent


“A meshugenah genius.”

~Dallas Jewish Week


“Clever wit and happy-go-lucky fun!  Riotously funny!” 

~Winnipeg Free Press


“Al, your performance enriched the program greatly.” 

Jenny Lee Radio 4 Hong Kong

“The prince of peculiar props.”

~Edmonton Journal


“A perfect hour of rollicking, good old fashioned fun, something that is sorely lacking on the children’s entertainment scene today.”  

~Vancouver Review


“Al Simmons’ antics transcend typical wackiness”

~Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


“Riotously funny! Simmons’ props and costumes are wildly inventive in concept and ingenious in execution”

~ Winnipeg Free Press


“Al Simmons is an emcee that I have come to greatly admire for his courage; he dives into the experience and embraces it. I am slack jawed at his joyous open vulnerable goofiness. He just emanates gentleness. A masterpiece of festival emceeing.”

– Peter Brown, CBC Radio


“Al Simmons, one of Canada’s true entertainment treasures, delivers on the promise of delightful silliness.”   

Morinville Review


“…inspired props comic has a show that can’t fail to delight.” 

~The Saskatoon StarPhoenix  


Al Simmons is the coolest children’s entertainer out there.”


“…a mercurial genius.” 

~Victoria Times Colonist


“A brilliant tribute to Vaudeville.”

~Clyde Gilmore, CBC Radio



Al Simmons

Al Simmons
Eccentric Comedy Musician

He’s a musician! He’s an inventor! He’s a nut!  The Einstein of entertainers, wizard of one-liners  and lightning bolt of lunacy.

His astounding gadgets, preposterous songs, impeccable comic timing and kooky take on classic vaudeville have thrilled and entertained fans of all ages for 53 years.

Al Simmons won a Juno Award, the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy Award.  He is a creative genius whose highly original performances of profound wackiness and of off-the-wall inventions have taken the arts of Music and Comedy to unparalleled heights of hilarity. Young or old, you cannot fail to appreciate this man’s frenetic stage antics and mind-boggling lovableness.